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Kroger Community Rewards Fundraising Program

Help us raise Conservation Funds for FREE!

Kroger Plus CardNOTICE: The Kroger Fundraising Gift Card Program is CHANGING to a NEW Program called "Kroger Community Rewards."

What this means: We won't be selling the Kroger Gift Cards any longer (no more re-loading our Sierra Club Kroger Card!) - instead, using your regular "Kroger Plus Card" when you check out will automatically have the same effect as the former Kroger Gift Cards in terms of helping us raise funds to protect Kentucky's environment.

When our new Kroger Community Rewards Program is active (we're still waiting for our special account number), all you have to do is connect your Kroger PLUS card with our Cumberland Chapter Kroger Community Rewards Account. Then be sure to have the clerk scan your Kroger Plus Card when you check out so that Kroger will make their donation to us.

Kroger donates 4% of all purchase amounts, recorded by Kroger Plus Cards that are connected to our account, back to our Cumberland Chapter. So it adds up! And the best thing is - it doesn't cost our supporters anything extra to support our work in this way.

Connect Your Kroger Plus Card to our Cumberland Chapter Account!

When our Special Cumberland Chapter, Sierra Club Kroger Account is Active

We will provide instructions on how to connect it with our Cumberland Chapter Community Rewards Account here, and in our Cumberland Newsletter.

Once your Kroger Plus Card is Registered with the Cumberland Chapter...

Every time you shop at Kroger and use your regular Kroger Plus card - you'll be helping us to raise money for our conservation work in Kentucky.

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